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Perfect adjustability in every working environment, communication skills and ability to handle every situation inside the team and for the team.


Content Writer-Translator at Magnet Development

May 2011 – Present
Currently working as Content Writer and Translator Magnet Development.

Account Manager at Kyklos Ektheseis

March 2011 – Present
Kyklos Ektheseis is a company that establishes exhibitions in many cities in Greece like, Ioannina, Arta, Preveza, Igoumenitsa, Kalamata, Volos and lately Argos and Katerini. My role in this company has some different aspects and my contribution will impel company to different channels. Therefore, my role is to push company to Balkan countries in order to promote all Greek goods and Services through our Exhibition that will set over there. Our plans is by 2015 to have made Exhibition to all Balkan Countries.
Secondary, there are roles such as to Rank company’s web profile through my SEO skills in order to bring more companies to our exhibitions.

SEO Manager as Freelancer at

January 2011 – Present
This company has multiple tasks concerning our clients’ web needs or concerning forms to involve them to Internet through our services. However, the company provides services such as domain registration, web design, web site, web promotion and search engine optimization. My role in this company is the Search Engine Optimization manager for our companies. I am the part, where our clients need to promote their web sites and have their sites highly ranked through the Search Engines. Many tasks and projects came in my hands and I could say my experience to Tourism gave me the tools to promote most of my clients’ sites because most of them are involving with Tourism. My last project is with Apiculture and involves a new Greek firm that will try to sell the Greek Honey to EU or abroad in general. Now we are in the Implementation stage and everything goes as plan. Of course you can ask me why mentioning that project, my answer is that during those truly financial problems that Greece has our target is to promote Greek goods and Greek services

Owner of Ferentinos Bros. Cigars and Tobacco Store at Ferentinos Bros.

July 2008 – Present
This a cigars store with many Accessories and gifts concerning smoking. Our Sales are increase very fast. Last year we succeed an increase of 25% although Greece’s Financial Crisis. We are ready to launch our site, an e-shop, under name www, which would probably increase sales another 10%-25%.  Also, we  had manufactured our own Filter Tip under our brand name, from December 2011.

Design, Manufacturer and Administrator at (non-profit)

September 2010 – September 2012
This is a special project concerning my village, which have started from August 2010 as a fun but very quickly became a small portal for people from my village (estimated 2,000 people around the globe) with news, special occasions and many photos and videos. Therefore using some simple SEO techniques brings 25 visits per day and many sponsors.

Greek Freelalancer at

November 2011 – December 2011
I reviewed the greek site of Indeed,com, in order to improve it. The project was for 20-30 hours, and my duties was to review the quality of the sources for jobs, location database structure and r key words. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing was asked.

Information Technology Tutor at Future Private School

January 2007 – December 2010
‘’Future’’ Private School is a school where children, students, business and mature people and in general all ages can learn Information Technology and obtain European Certificate Driving Licence. My role in school to learn my students the basics o of Information Technology and set them ready fore their
examinations. Also, there were some classes with Business aspects, such as Project Management or Information Management for some companies that I was the main tutor.

Sales Manager at Farmakis SA Gas Company

January 2004 – December 2006
Farmakis SA, is a Gas Company in Northwest Greece, in Ioannina. My duties were sell gas bottles through a channel of distribution that I had set up. Our selling area was from Kozani to Agrinio and that time our sales were exploded to 25%. Of course under my commands were 6 people with 6 trucks.
Also, in that period of time the Gas Fuel(butane) in Greece were nearly 5000 cars only with gas. So me and Mr. Farmakis, owner of the company, start a strategy to bring more cars to Gas Fuel. We brought new companies car kits from Italy and till the end of my work in Farmakis SA we had increase the number of cars in Epirus to 40%.


Stores in Carrefour

  • Manager of Stores in Carrefour

January 2010 to Present
In my hometown Ioannina, one of the biggest markets in the world, Carrefour, has aside with the market many stores with products apart from Carrefour market. Therefore, I am responsible to talk and deal with most of the people regarding all the stores in that area.


SEO@ FougarosTravel

January 2012 to Present

Increase Tourism Traffic for one of the biggest Travel Agencies in Paxos Island. Increase Page Rank and position to Google Search Engines through various Techniques of SEO.

February 2012 to April 2012

One of the most recent residential complex in Papigo, Ioannina, got a 2 month Search for proper Keywords, Metas, Linkbuilding, Social Bookamrking and generally everything that all SEO modern techniques asked for.

SEO@Villa Vera Syvota
May 2012 to June 2012

That small project will bring a new SEO era, will bring new clients and more traffic. Useful tools for that will be linkbuilding, backlinks, Backlink Index.


  • Greek
  • English


University of Abertay Dundee

BA(Hons), Information Management, 1997 – 1999

North College Ioannina Campus

HND, Business Information Technology, 1995 – 1997